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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Album Review: The Cars - Heartbeat City (1984)

I picked this album out expecting an album of great songs and well, I was sort of right.  All the great songs here could be found on any of their greatest hits compilations - other than that, there were only two or three "good" songs - "Stranger Eyes", "Heartbeat City" and "I Refuse."  "It's Not The Night" is okay.  I've always liked The Cars' music - I have had for a long time now one of their greatest hits compilations in my CD collection, and it is invaluable.  I would be mad to NOT own a copy - they put out some brilliant songs, including "Drive", "Magic", "Why Can't I Have You" and "You Might Think", all of which can be found here.  Not too bad an album, but I was expecting a little bit better.  B+

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