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Monday, November 6, 2017

Album Review: Toto - Toto IV (1982)

One of the better known session muso super groups out there, and named after a fictional canine character of L. Frank Baum authorship, you might know Toto for their best known hit, "Africa."  Of course it wasn't their only hit - "Hold The Line", "Georgy Porgy" and "Rosanna", among a number of others, also lay claim to be the more successful end products of the collaborative efforts of Paich, Pocaro & Co.  Toto IV is home to three of these hits - "Africa", "Rosanna" and "I Won't Hold You Back."  Good songs all of them, but the rest of the album isn't quite filler material either.  "It's A Feeling", "Make Believe" and "Waiting For Your Love" aren't bad, but still, none of them can hold a candle to "Africa."  You won't be missing anything essential by not listening to this record, but nonetheless I recommend you check it out anyway if you liked Toto's aforementioned hits.  Definitely give it a spin.  A-

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