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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Album Review: Johnny Cash - John R. Cash (1974)

I won't lie when I say I love the music of Johnny Cash.  He's one of my favorite all-time artists, up there with, but not limited to, Bob Dylan and Chris Rea.  He's made some really great songs of his own, and of course, he's done some outstanding cover versions of other people's songs.  Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind" comes to mind here.  And he has also done some impressive versions of traditional songs, such as "My Old Kentucky Home", which is the opening track of this album, and it's by far the best song here.  In fact, the only other song I would bother playing with any degree of regularity would be "Reason to Believe." Whilst not bad as such, the rest of the album comes across as somewhat mild and lackluster.  I won't be falling asleep any time soon, but then again, I won't be dancing across the room, either.  I have heard much better Johnny Cash records than this one.  But I can also expect to hear much worse albums as well.  Meh, it's OK, I suppose.  B

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