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Monday, May 21, 2018

Album Review: Peter Gabriel - So (1986)

I've been a bit slack on the music reviews as of late, but once I discovered that Peter Gabriel's discography was now available on Spotify, I quickly jumped at the chance to listen to an album I've heard so much about and have so badly wanted to hear for myself - So.  Well I certainly wasn't disappointed in the slightest bit.  The synth work on this album, as one would expect from a reputable 1980s record, is excellent, as is the drumming.  And I can only think of three songs that I would consider to be at the very least, good.  "Mercy Street", "We Do What We're Told" and "This is the Picture" are the weakest links (although not "bad" at all) in what is otherwise a stellar record.  From "Red Rain" to "In Your Eyes" this is album that has the 80s sound written all over it, which in turn sends me all gooey (anybody who has read my blog for long enough knows full well my penchant for music of that era).  "Big Time" and "Sledgehammer" are here too for your reference.  But not that you'll be listening to them that often - they're great, but there's greater things on offer on this album.  I'm very glad and grateful Peter Gabriel decided to release his back catalog on Spotify.  And like all great albums of prominence I'm even more glad I decided to go ahead and listen to this album.  Oh, and Kate Bush appears on this album too.  Fact.  Now to buy the damn thing.  A

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