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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Album Review: Genesis - Genesis (1983)

The best selling album from Genesis is Invisible Touch from 1986.  And it's no wonder why - all the greatest hits (and I mean THE greatest hits) are on this album.  Yes there are few other gems floating about on their other albums, such as the album being reviewed here, Genesis, but it's Invisible Touch that stands out for me.  Yes, you may as well just buy their "greatest hits" compilations, one might ask, but then you'll be missing out on the great unknowns, such as the instrumental "The Brazilian."  But I digress.  I was rather hoping this album would be just as great at their "magnum opus" (from a commercial perspective at least), but alas, I was disappointed.  I'm only really glad I bought this album simply because it had "Home By the Sea" on it.  I could've stuck with the aforementioned "greatest hits" compilations for songs such as "Mama" and "That's All."  The second side to this album is just plain bland, as is "Second Home By the Sea."  Not really my cup of tea, really.  It might still grow on me, but who really knows?  This album gets a B only because "That's All" is one of my favorite 80s Genesis ditties.  That, and I'm somewhat agreeable on "Home By the Sea" as well.  Meh.  B