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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dave's List of The Greatest Van Halen Albums

In recently learning of Van Halen's possible intention to release the new album sometime in February 2012, me, as an avid Van Halen fan since 1999, have decided to list rate VH's studio albums in order from best to worst. And here it is:

1. Van Halen (1979)

The album that got schoolboys into pretending they're something they're not in their own bedrooms by swing their arms around and around on their beds, the debut album from the band who nearly called themselves "Rat Salade", proves to be a fantastic start for the legendary Pasadena band. With the air guitar classic "Eruption", the associative "Runnin' With The Devil", the greatly improved "You Really Got Me" and the humorously bold "Ice Cream Man", this album is bound to give any aspiring hard rock/metal guitarist arthritis.

2. 1984 (1983)

An ambitious foray into the use of synthesizers paid off handsomely with this underrated gem, which would prove to be the last David Lee Roth album before Sammy Hagar took the helm. Spreading the VH message with numbers like "Jump", "Panama" and "Hot for Teacher", you'd be best to get this album before the scourge of political correctness claims the album cover.

3. 5150 (1986)

Who said Sammy Hagar sucked? People who don't like change, that's what. And change is inevitable. Mr. Hagar proved himself more than worthy on this energetic, and sometimes-faster than-light record. Crank up tracks like "Get Up", "Good Enough" and wind down with "Why Can't This Be Love?" and "Love Walks In", and your outlook on life should invariably change for the better. If not, consider getting your ears checked.

4. Diver Down (1982)

"Yes, I like this album, very much so", said Dave, despite being immersed in a sea of boos from fellow VH enthusiasts. Why? Because "Oh, Pretty Woman" is awesome. And so was Roy Orbison. "Dancing In The Street", another cover, as well as "Big Bad Bill", show that something that could potentially go so wrong can sometimes turn out so right.

5. OU812 (1988)

Not too bad. Not too brilliant either. But certainly good enough.

6. Balance (1995)

A surprisingly respectable album, with songs like "Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)" and "Amsterdam", you could easily do worse, especially at a time when bands of VH's vintage tend to show strong signs of having burnt out. Actually, they did - 3 years later.

7. Women and Children First (1980)

Loss of Control! Loss of Control! Yeah, it ain't too bad.

8. For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (1991)

Duh, I like the pretty album cover. It looks like a rare edition basketball card. Oh, and I like "Top of the World", "Judgment Day", and "Right Now" the best. And the naughty word that the title spells out.

9. Van Halen II (1979)

"You're No Good", "DOA", "Spanish Fly" "Women In Love" and "Beautiful Girls" are all very good songs, in my opinion. In fact, based on this fact, it should be placed higher on this list. But I find the album lacks all-around charisma, thus I don't listen to it as much as i really should. But I do, nonetheless.

10. Fair Warning (1981)

A couple of respectable songs on this album, otherwise you have the most overrated album in the Van Halen discography. "Unchained" certainly makes it worth pressing the play button for.

11. Van Halen III (1998)

Van Halen - Sammy Hagar - David Lee Roth = Van Halen + Gary Cherone. Could be much worse - then again, could be much better as well. Van Halen has excluded this from their own discography, they think it is that bad apparently. Buy it anyway.